SDU statement on recent SPDC crackdown Logo of SDU SDU STATEMENT ON RECENT SPDC CRACKDOWN 26 September 2007The SDU, on behalf of 賣屋 the people of Shan State,  is saddened by the recent crackdown 酒店工作 of military regime or SPDC on the peaceful demonstration of monks and people, resu 室內設計lting in hundreds of arrest and 17 wounded and at least, 1 death, according to the latest reports.It G2000is a tragedy that the SPDC could not heed the numerous suggestion of international community and the peoples of Burma t 酒店工作o embrace reconciliation stance, through tripartite dialogue ?between the SPDC leadership, NLD and all ethnic political parties -&nbs 景觀設計p; to end the decades long conflict.Such all-inclusive dialogue, which has been endorsed by the United Nations and accepted by all major players in 膠原蛋白ternationally and within the Burma political arena, is, in effect, the only viable way out for Burma.It is high time now that the military regime make an about turn 酒店打工from this oppressive mode, total elimination posture and zero-sum game,  before it is too late. Repeating the 1988 crackdown scenario will only hasten the its downfall.Instea 借貸d, the military regime should embark on a win-win out come mode and, for once, show the wisdom, patriotism and courage for a real democratisation process of a multi-ethnic state, which is long over 褐藻醣膠due.  .
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